The impact of human activities (extension of land used for agriculture, firewood, overgrazing, bush fires and gold mining) on ​​natural resources results in more and more erosion of biodiversity. According to statistics, more than 100 000 ha of biomass disappears each year due to human activity in Mali.

It is therefore essential for MFC to contribute to sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems, to establish the conditions for expanding people’s access to clean energy and clean water, to promote income-generating activities as alternatives to continued over-exploitation of natural resources. MFC’s Program for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources supports and provides innovative solutions for integrated and sustainable management of natural resources based on the commitment and responsibility of local communities, strengthening their capacities, promoting Public/Private Partnership (PPP) projects and the creation of sustainable local funding mechanisms.

Projects and activities carried out under this program deal with topics relating to: i) community forest management associated with agro-forestry, ii) sustainable agriculture and / or valorization of abandoned lands, iii) development of income-generating activities as an alternative to over-exploitation of wood resources, iv) development of renewable and more economic energy alternatives v) sustainable valorization of forests through land management and ecotourism, vi) sustainable management of ecosystems with high environmental value and protected areas, vii) improved agriculture and water management to strengthen community forest conservation, viii) capacity building, establishment of community communication systems for Information-Education-Communication and networking ix) community awareness about the environmental effects and impacts of gold mining through a multi-stakeholder platform (government, communities, gold miners, civil society)

Current projects:

Arbre-SEL , Sigida Nyetaa, Sinsibere